Becky says things about … apologies for absence


This is my friend, Stick Man.


He would like to read a message on behalf of me. He’s been practising very hard and working on his best speaking voice, but he’s a bit nervous so please just bear with him. Thanks.


(He’s not used to public speaking.)




Isn’t he doing well?




There. What a good job he made of it. I’m sure he’ll stay and take a bow before…





Well, maybe he had to rush off somewhere. Another appointment or something. Yep. That’ll be it.

Thanks anyway, Stick Man.



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17 responses to “Becky says things about … apologies for absence

  1. I suppose we’ll all just have to forgive your absence. πŸ˜‰ Stick man did a very good job. Good luck with the paper. Hope you’re back soon. πŸ™‚

  2. Teresa Cooper

    Thought that was the reason and not that you haven’t had any thoughts or opinions worth blogging. Welcome back & hope dissertation is received well!

  3. I’d like to Hire stick man for the next MIME I attend. Hehehehe…

  4. I’ve been away all week so I haven’t missed you anyway.

    I’m so totally lying of course.


  5. I thought it was me. As soon as I followed you, you stopped writing. It is all about me. Good luck with your dissertation!

    • Haha oh no! That’s terrible! This is precisely why I had Stick Man read my apology, because I don’t want people to make the effort to follow me and then think I’ve buggered off!
      But yeah, it was you. πŸ™‚

  6. Sally

    Maybe Nick Clegg should employ stick man

  7. Ok, you’ve won me over by making a personal announcer out of a stick man,though I do think you’d do well to communicate directly with your readership whenever possible, using stickman risks making you look a bit “out of touch.” Nevertheless, you have a new blog follower =)

    • To be honest, I wanted to make the apology personally but stick man shouldered his way in and practically demanded that he read it. So I didn’t really have a choice. But I’m very glad you decided to follow me πŸ™‚ Thank you!

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