Becky says things about … saying things on other people’s blogs

Yes, sweetest Listeners, I don’t just say things on MY blog, I say things on other people’s blogs! Isn’t that great?

The clown of all evil / knowledge / worldly omnipotence, Le Clown, asked me if I’d take him out of his cosy clown home in Montreal and show him the sights in London.

I myself couldn’t be bothered to do this, so I got Stickman to do it, and, predictably, chaos ensued.

le clown1

Okay, mate. I just don’t think anyone is ever going to ask you to show them round a  major city again, that’s all.

Anyway, Listeners, check out the whole unfortunate escapade here.

6 thoughts on “Becky says things about … saying things on other people’s blogs

  1. JOTS thinks Stickman did a great job…maybe I could buy him a cuppa when next in country…September? He wouldn’t even have to be on good behavior…even if he had good behavior….

    1. Unfortunately, Stickman doesn’t have good behaviour, but notwithstanding that, he’d love to have you buy him a cuppa! Just don’t expect him to say thank you …. 🙂

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