Becky says things about … saying things on other people’s blogs

Yes, sweetest Listeners, I don’t just say things on MY blog, I say things on other people’s blogs! Isn’t that great?

The clown of all evil / knowledge / worldly omnipotence, Le Clown, asked me if I’d take him out of his cosy clown home in Montreal and show him the sights in London.

I myself couldn’t be bothered to do this, so I got Stickman to do it, and, predictably, chaos ensued.

le clown1

Okay, mate. I just don’t think anyone is ever going to ask you to show them round a  major city again, that’s all.

Anyway, Listeners, check out the whole unfortunate escapade here.



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6 responses to “Becky says things about … saying things on other people’s blogs

  1. I just thought I’d pop over here and say hello! Cause you say some stuff that is worthy of my follow. Or as the British would say it: ‘ollow!

  2. JOTS thinks Stickman did a great job…maybe I could buy him a cuppa when next in country…September? He wouldn’t even have to be on good behavior…even if he had good behavior….

    • Unfortunately, Stickman doesn’t have good behaviour, but notwithstanding that, he’d love to have you buy him a cuppa! Just don’t expect him to say thank you …. 🙂

  3. Val

    Great…. I’ve been waiting for Le Clown to visit London. Not that I live in London anymore, but y’know…

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