Becky says things about … saying hello

So. Having had the tremendous good fortune of being Freshly Pressed in the last few days with my confessions at how rubbish I am at exercise, I seem to have gained quite a few more listeners who are willing to hear the things that I say. Therefore, I just wanted to –


Stickman, you know full well that that is NOT what being Freshly Pressed entails. I am trying to make a serious and heartfelt gesture to my new listeners, and that’s very difficult to achieve when you insist on mucking about. Will you please just be sensible.


And less of the attitude.

Sorry about that, dear Listeners.

What I was going to say before we were interrupted by a stick with an attitude problem, was a big friendly






and other such salutations to my lovely new listeners.


And this is my pal Stickman, who hangs around and helps me say things. He’s a great guy, on the whole, but can sometimes be, to put it bluntly, an emotional, mental and physical carcrash, so watch out for him.


You can refute all you like, mate, it’s the ruddy truth. You’re mental.

Anyway, that’s what I wanted to say: HELLO TO ALL MY LOVELY NEW LISTENERS (and obviously a high-five to all my existing listeners – you’re great, you guys). I look forward to saying things to you and to checking out your own fabulous blogs when I get back from a holiday to Greece in a couple of weeks. If you fancy joining me, I’ll be in Greece. I’ll be the English girl with the crimson face and the one strip of sunburn on her left shoulder (classic English holiday look).

Until next time, it’s cheerio from me!


Oh for God’s sake. Those things will stunt your growth you know. You could’ve been a massive oak tree standing proudly in a park by now if you’d never smoked. Instead you’re just a stick doing stuff on a blog. Life choices, Stickman. Life choices.

37 thoughts on “Becky says things about … saying hello

  1. Congrats on the honor. It is something to be definitely proud of. I’m happy I came across your blog. I love Stickman and your writing. It feels like I am actually talking to you and not reading a piece of writing. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  2. Woooooooot!!!! You got Freshly Pressed you got Freshly Pressed you got Freshly Pressed!!!!!
    Obviously I’m totally calm and cool about this and not excited at all.

  3. 🙂 nice to meet the both of you! Congrats on your FP post. Looking forward to hearing you say things about Greece. My family is Greek… I apologize in advance for anything bizarre that might happen.

      1. A nice evening in cuddling by the fireplace….wait, no. That won’t work. How about a stroll through the park? There are always dogs running around, we could play some fetch….wait, no. Maybe some camping? I’ll bring the marshmallows for a bonfire….wait, no. That’s more fire. Won’t work.

        Ok, this will work: An old-fashioned candle-lit dinner.

        Damn it.

        1. It’s a shame, but Stickman always has this problem when he goes on dates, so he finds that simply getting a woman straight into bed is the most successful endeavour. Unfortunately, a lot of women don’t take him up on that, and, to be honest, I’d advise you to turn him down because he’s a complete beast in the bedroom (so I’ve heard….)

  4. Oooh! I’m gone for a bit and you’ve gone and become a celebrity. Congrats 😀 there’s a lot of shite on that Freshly Pressed so it’s a good that occasionally someone decent gets a shot at it!

  5. Congratulations, Becky! Yayayayayayayayayay 🙂 Very deserving you are and Stickman is most fortunate to come along on the ride with you. I, being me, have brought a cake (the kind with the ponies all over it) and a tray of cocktails (enough for everyone) from my recent happy hour post. Time to celebrate. Woohoo and again, congrats!

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