Becky says things about … a new year

So, dearest Listeners, it’s very nearly 2014, and Stickman, like a lot of us, is feeling a bit pensive.

new year1

Those old niggling feelings of regret and guilt are creeping up on as we teeter towards the cusp of a new year: was I productive enough this year? Was I a good person? Did I do enough exercise? Did I eat and drink too much? Did I finally sort out my iTunes folders?

new year2

We’re vaguely excited about a new year because it means we can start again, and get it right this time. Not like we did all the other years – all the other years, when we promised ourselves we’d be brilliant and then we turned out to be not as  brilliant as we’d hoped – because this year it’ll be different. 

new year3

We’re probably going to a party tonight, and are getting into the party spirit by playing a few excellent tunes, having a cheeky drink, dancing a merry jig, and waving off 2013 as something that happened to us once, and there’ll be plenty of other years ahead to play with. new year4

Or we’re staying at home and reflecting on how quickly it all flies past and how death is imminent.

new year6

Whatever we’re doing, and however we’re feeling, the new year is upon us – whether we like to stick with a lower case new year, or attribute seasonally erroneous capitals to our New Year to give it the magnitude it deserves – and there’s a whole heap of bugger all we can do about it.

new year5

So, I suggest we all have a good time, we all hug our friends, we all get a little bit merry and say something mildly inappropriate to at least one person, and we all look forward to being brilliant in 2014 and finally getting round to sorting out our iTunes folders.

new year7


A very happy new year, or Happy New Year – however you like to play it – for 2014 from myself and Stickman, and may the New Year bring You very many Good Things, a lot of Laughs, few Cries, Much Love, excellent Fortune, and a WhiMsicaL attItuDe To cApiTAl LeTTeRs.


41 thoughts on “Becky says things about … a new year

  1. Well capital’s show uniqueness too…Hope the next year is uniquely good for us all 😉 Love your amazing fun drawings ! Have a very happy new year 🙂 xx

  2. You get bonus points for using the word “turgid”. If I start now, maybe I’ll finish sorting out my iTunes folders by the end of 2015. I never thought of how “new year” is artificially uppercased. Now it will annoy me every time I see it. But if I put it ALL in uppercase then it won’t matter. HAPPY NEW YEAR, BECKY AND STICKMAN!! ❤

  3. Even as journalist, I’m never sure to go with the capital “N” or lower-case (and decidedly less sensationalistic) “n.” Even though you post didn’t clarify the matter, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who will still be pondering that question in another 365 days.

    Speaking of which, Happy N(n)ew Y(y)ear, Becky!

    1. It’s an important question, and one I think deserves more pondering. I’m glad I could bring this issue to your attention, because perhaps as a journalist you could write a probing and seminal article on the use of capital letters in a seasonal context. Or, you could ignore the issue completely, and just enjoy you New Year / new year / NEW YEAR 🙂
      Happy NEW YEAR (what the hell, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em) to you too Ned!

  4. Frohes Neues!!! In German you capitalize all nouns. So in this case “the new” is a person, place, or thing and therefore can be shown with a capital N. Hope your new year brings you plenty of things to write about. May your basket of inspiration runneth over.

    1. I love the German language. I did it for A Level at school. I was having a discussion just the other day about my favourite German words, and they are, without doubt ‘Fingerhut’ (A HUT FOR MY FINGER!!!! WHY DID WE CALL IT A THIMBLE????) and ‘Knoblauch’. Just because it sounds funny 🙂
      Ich habe vergessen die meisten meiner Deutsch (should the verb go at the end there???), aber ich LIEBE es. Entschuldigen sie bitte, wenn meine Deutsch schrecklich ist! (Most important German phrase I was taught at school: ‘Mein Hamster ist gestorben’ Sehr traurig 😦 ) x

      1. See now you have proved you can be funny in both languages. Have you ever seen the sketch by Eddie Izzard where he shows the relevancy of all the phrases he learned in high school French? Hysterical!

        1. I haven’t, but will check it out. I hope my German wasn’t too appalling and I didn’t actually say something like ‘I doorhandle most of my German goatfeed angry table’. 🙂

  5. A most excellent New Year’s post 🙂 You’re tossing a bit of whimsy out there, along with that wee bit of snark, and you’re still making a good point 🙂 Vintage Becky.

    Whatever you ended up doing with your NYE, I hope you consider it time well spent. I will throw out that eating hot buttered rum rice krispy bars (made with DIY rum marshmallows, should you be curious how rice krispy bars can be boozy) and drinking hot buttered rums makes for a very merry New Year’s Eve. Best to you (and S-man) in 2014.

    1. Your rice krispy bars are actually the ONLY things I want to eat right now. I am RIDDLED with a cold, and I’ve a feeling they woudl be the only things that would make me feel better. That and a whole heap of neat rum…
      Thanks Liz, and Happy New Year 🙂

  6. Becky, brilliant as usual. This —>Not like we did all the other years – all the other years, when we promised ourselves we’d be brilliant and then we turned out to be not as brilliant as we’d hoped – because this year it’ll be different. Hahaha, right? We’ll get it right some day. Happy new year to you and the stickman. Thank you both for many smiles in 2013.

  7. 1. I, too, have pondered the Capital New Year. WTF? 2. You are brilliant all year long. You must continue this exceptional writing. 3. My iTunes is also terribly messy and I have no plans to organize it. 4. Stickman looks hot in the red hat! He would look swell with a few snowflakes. 5. I hope you had a kickass NeW yEaR and said inappropriate things to at least one person. 6. xXxXXXXxxxxxxXXX 7. HAPPY New. May you have many laughs and dance a merry jig! Love you, Becky! Love to Stickman!

    1. Well ruddy heck that’s a lovely thing to say. Hopefully we won’t disappoint in 2014! You are also super amazing and I’m very much looking forward to reading more!
      HAppY nEw yEar!

  8. Happy New Year to you Becky! You always shine an interesting (and almost always insightful) light on customs I don’t give a second thought to.

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