Becky says things about … a letter to my creative self (aka ‘Bertha’)

Dearest and most glorious Listeners: I have said things on the wonderful River Ram Press blog this week.

If you’d just like to follow Stickman’s directions and click on the link below, the most marvellous things will happen.*



*You will be directed to River Ram Press where I have said things. If this isn’t marvellous, I don’t know what is.

13 thoughts on “Becky says things about … a letter to my creative self (aka ‘Bertha’)

  1. Love it! Very creative perspective with such a personality! I hope you aren’t going to be posting on the other site all the time instead of here….I’m still trying to figure out this one!

  2. Wait a minute! Who is this faceless imposter, this Bertha? We all know it is Stickman who is the creative genius behind this partnership. Has he been usurped? Has he been fired, for some, as yet, unspecified offence? Where is he living, now that Bertha appears to have taken over his apartment / department? (I have a spare room if he needs one, or can recommend a hostel…)

    1. Please accept my apologies, Becky. Stickman appears to have hacked into my account again, in order to push some agenda or other. He appears to be amply employed holding up that sign… I shall change my password forthwith… 😉

  3. I like your blog! Makes me smile – clever and creative. So, your creative self is ‘Bertha.’ Mine is a fellow who looks suspiciously like that fellow from Gone With the Wind – Rhett Butler. What can I say? We don’t get to choose our muse, right? 🙂

    You have a terrific blog!

    1. Hahaha, I wish my muse looked like Rhett Butler! Although I think I’d spend all my time just staring at him as opposed to doing some writing…
      Thank you for your lovely comment!

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