Becky says things about … THE BOOK IS HERE!

Darlings, it’s here!

This Ridiculous Life, the book I have penned and self-published myself, which is a fabulously spruced-up and revamped collection of some of the things I’ve said on this blog – as well as some lovely NEW things – is back from the printers!! Look:

This Rid Life

Click on ‘Buy This Ridiculous Life’ right up at the top of this page, and buy This Ridiculous Life.

Look, Stickman’s been standing out in the cold for ages – at least make his endeavours worthwhile.

book s ale

Thank you, dear Listeners. Thank you.



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27 responses to “Becky says things about … THE BOOK IS HERE!

  1. Kay

    Oooh… I may have to do this… like tonight… Congrats, must be SO exciting!!

  2. Congratulations! Stickman might need warmer clothing in this weather! Looking forward to the read. 😉

  3. I hate to sound like a dope in front of your adoring audience but how do I get one? Is there a link to order in this post that I don’t see? Should I use a telepathic signal? And how does one get a signed copy?

  4. Very cool! 🙂 Is there a way to buy it some place like Amazon? Or is directly through Paypal the only way?


  5. Woo, congratulations! I’ve never tried PayPal before… and I’m not sure how well it works where I live, but I’ll have to give it a try now! 🙂

  6. I finally got off my lazy ass and ordered. Don’t forget to sign it! It’s the package going to New Jersey.

  7. Liz

    congratulations! This is amazing and awesome. Hope you are oodles proud of yourself, Miss Becky 🙂

  8. Ha, I clicked on Stickman’s ‘Book Sale’ poster expecting to be sent to buy it. The internet has ruined me.

  9. Dave

    Book purchased! I can’t wait to hear you say things in printed form!!!

  10. Woohoo!! best Christmas present I’ve ever bought myself 😉 Can’t wait to read it!

  11. How do I order a signed copy Becky? Does Becky Sign Things?

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