Becky says things about … THE BOOK IS HERE!

Darlings, it’s here!

This Ridiculous Life, the book I have penned and self-published myself, which is a fabulously spruced-up and revamped collection of some of the things I’ve said on this blog – as well as some lovely NEW things – is back from the printers!! Look:

This Rid Life

Click on ‘Buy This Ridiculous Life’ right up at the top of this page, and buy This Ridiculous Life.

Look, Stickman’s been standing out in the cold for ages – at least make his endeavours worthwhile.

book s ale

Thank you, dear Listeners. Thank you.

27 thoughts on “Becky says things about … THE BOOK IS HERE!

  1. I hate to sound like a dope in front of your adoring audience but how do I get one? Is there a link to order in this post that I don’t see? Should I use a telepathic signal? And how does one get a signed copy?

  2. Woo, congratulations! I’ve never tried PayPal before… and I’m not sure how well it works where I live, but I’ll have to give it a try now! 🙂

      1. Well I bought it, I read it, I loved it. It was great, well done you! Also we were tenanting out our flat after Christmas and I left it strategically placed to see if anyone looked it and they did!!

      1. Well in that case…ordered! I will of course be showing my signed copy to everyone I know and hinting strongly that we are close personal friends… to that end could you write something like “To my dear and close personal friend Steve”?
        Can’t wait to read it Becky.
        All the best as always.

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