Becky says things about … the smartphone generation

We are the smartphoners.

We are the texters

the sexters.

We are the emailers

the web sailors.

We are the tweeters

the non-speakers

the digi-savvy techno geek-ers.

We are the twiddlers

the fiddlers

the bent headers

the years of reconstructive surgery on the back of the neck-ers.

We are the music players

the ‘I can watch YouTube ’til my hair goes grey’-ers.

We are the eyes downers

the frowners

the never look arounders.

We are the silent commuters

the human computers

the unsee-ers

the bound to walk into a tree-ers.

We are the Mail Onliners.

We are the Instagramers

the Angry Birdsers

the 0nline bankers

the eyes are blank-ers

the spying over each other’s shoulders

the ‘He’s got a better one than me’-ers.

The enemies of couples who like to do it in public-ers.

We are the gamers

the freeze framers

the ‘I’d rather die than lose my phone’-ers.

We are the non-response-ers

the nonchalance-ers

the need never be bored at a bus stop again-ers.

We are the grunters

the absent nodders

the ‘To separate me from my phone would take an act of God’-ers.

We are the smartphoners

the ring toners

the everyone’s a clone-ers.

We are the shufflers

the queuers

the tunnel vision viewers

the waiting for a train is actually quite fun-ers

the conversation shunners

the never see the sun-ers

the most important body part is my thumb-ers.

We are the smartphone generation.