Becky says things about … the smartphone generation

We are the smartphoners.

We are the texters

the sexters.

We are the emailers

the web sailors.

We are the tweeters

the non-speakers

the digi-savvy techno geek-ers.

We are the twiddlers

the fiddlers

the bent headers

the years of reconstructive surgery on the back of the neck-ers.

We are the music players

the ‘I can watch YouTube ’til my hair goes grey’-ers.

We are the eyes downers

the frowners

the never look arounders.

We are the silent commuters

the human computers

the unsee-ers

the bound to walk into a tree-ers.

We are the Mail Onliners.

We are the Instagramers

the Angry Birdsers

the 0nline bankers

the eyes are blank-ers

the spying over each other’s shoulders

the ‘He’s got a better one than me’-ers.

The enemies of couples who like to do it in public-ers.

We are the gamers

the freeze framers

the ‘I’d rather die than lose my phone’-ers.

We are the non-response-ers

the nonchalance-ers

the need never be bored at a bus stop again-ers.

We are the grunters

the absent nodders

the ‘To separate me from my phone would take an act of God’-ers.

We are the smartphoners

the ring toners

the everyone’s a clone-ers.

We are the shufflers

the queuers

the tunnel vision viewers

the waiting for a train is actually quite fun-ers

the conversation shunners

the never see the sun-ers

the most important body part is my thumb-ers.

We are the smartphone generation.




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46 responses to “Becky says things about … the smartphone generation

  1. Reblogged this on Susan Daniels Poetry and commented:
    This is too damned funny!

  2. Brilliant!

    Sent from my iPhone 5

  3. This was different but still great-ers! And as you can see, I now want to end things in -ers. Oh well-ers. Good stuff, Becky. 😀

  4. Seb

    Yup. That’s about it!

  5. This is hilarious – my favorite part – other than the true-to-life descriptions and rhymes – is the man making love – pointless? Ha. k.

  6. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant and it’s going on my Facebook page right. now.

  7. Absolutely fantastic Becky. I’ve had urges to write something about mobiles but could never have framed (or illustrated it) so perfectly – Many chuckles 😉

  8. Holy tree-bludgeoning, this was fantastic.

  9. Neil Fitton

    You should think about doing this writing thing for a living !

  10. David Hewett

    I’m one of the zero % batteryers
    The try to check our email and we’ve got no signallers


  11. Dave

    Can they just give you a Pulitzer Prize already? Brilliant as usual!

  12. Very clever. One of your best.

  13. Blogless wonder

    I would love to see this animated, using your army of smartphone-wielding stick figures. Super job on a hilarious and well thought-out post!

  14. This was immense, I’m going to reblog this because it needs to be seen by everyone!

  15. Reblogged this on Evolution Of Insanity and commented:
    So true! Becky sums up pretty much the entire population (of the west at least)

  16. If you’re not careful Missy, you’re gonna get ANOTHER award. Then how are you gonna be able to display them all? You’re gonna need another whole freakin’ Blog to put them all in. Great creative write. LOVED IT!!!!

  17. Now that was some serious funny! I am laughing and ashamed.

  18. Post perfection. If this doesn’t get Freshly Pressed, I don’t know what to think of this crazy world we live in. Oh, and about that world…I don’t own a smart phone. Or hardly even a cell phone. So I can only relate as the outsider looking in (but not the one having sex in public). And this was fantastic.

  19. “…the online bankers
    the eyes are blanchers…”

    Great stuff. Angie’s right — this should be Freshly Pressed, which is why it probably won’t be.

  20. Nothing to say that hasn’t been said…but lovely! I loved it. Becky says things…she certainly does… 🙂

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