Becky says things about … only another ruddy award

Well, strike me down and call me Meredith. (I probably won’t answer if you do though, because it’s simply not my name.)

The astoundingly splendid Gnostic Bent has only bloody given me the So Sweet Blog Award!


Oh bless him, look how chuffed Stick Man is.

I’m ruddy chuffed as well, because it means that people not only listen to me say things, but they actually think the stuff I say is kind of phenomenal – I think that’s the word we’ll go for here.

So, thank you to the incredibly excellent Gnostic Bent and thank you to everyone who takes the time out of their busy days and to come and have a listen to me say things.









Oh bloody hell Stick Man, calm down. Jeez.

Anyway, I shall now spread the award love to these superb and excellent bloggers, whose words make me laugh, cry, and sometimes dribble coffee down myself. Check out the might and majesty of these dudes:

Wonderwimp – if you ever feel sad or lonely, just pop over to Wonderwimp.

Dreamshadow59 – this girl cracks me up.

The irrepressible and prolific Evolution of Insanity – there’s some cool stuff going on here.

Think you know everything about funny names? Well you don’t. But the guys at the Blog of Funny Names most definitely do.

For some peace and tranquility in your life, look no further than This is Ferg‘s amazing photography.

Don’t quote me, but I think Don’t Quote Lily is very quotable.

If it wasn’t weird and if she said yes, I’d marry Speaker 7.

Hungry? Fancy some food porn with some witticisms thrown in? The Unorthodox Epicure will sort you right out.

Only been following her a week or so, but The Very Single Girl makes me snort laugh.

Do you fear Weebles? Well you won’t after checking out Fear No Weebles’ brilliant words.














Oh that’s nice, Stick Man has composed himself enough to wave a celebratory yellow flag for all the winners! That was a lovely gesture, Stick Man, I’m sure they really appreciate it.

So thank you very, very much from me and my little team of stick men, for continuing to listen to me say things – we all appreciate it ever such a lot.

21 thoughts on “Becky says things about … only another ruddy award

  1. That yellow flag from Stick Man is the greatest reward I have ever received, and I received the 6th grade Citizenship Award so that’s saying a lot.

    1. You will never receive another accolade like it. Fact. Stick Man doesn’t give out yellow flags willy-nilly. Oh no. You’ve got to be really special. And he is very fussy. So you’re obviously amazeballs.

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